“Blessed seeds” is what Ayurveda doctors call black cumin seeds. For centuries, they have been used for hair care.Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals t..

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“Blessed seeds” is what Ayurveda doctors call black cumin seeds. For centuries, they have been used for hair care.

Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are rich in seeds are used to restore hair and improve the general condition of hair.

Effectively black cumin oil in the fight against the premature appearance of gray hair.

Black cumin seed oil:

strengthens hair;

restores their structure;


prevents the loss and appearance of split ends;

penetrate the scalp improving blood circulation;

has an antiseptic effect;

eliminates dandruff, itching, peeling of the scalp;

promotes active hair growth, hair becomes lush and voluminous;

after applying the oil, the hair becomes chic, soft and docile.

Key Ingredients:

Black cumin (Nigella sativa) - is rich in calcium, iron, phosphate, phosphorus, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins of group E, B, alpha-linoleic and other acids.

After the first application you will receive:

hair is more well-groomed;


insanely soft and pleasant to the touch;


thick and voluminous;


after several applications, the hair is stronger, hair loss is reduced.

It is known that sesame oil is an excellent protective agent against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation (sea and chlorinated water), so it will be especially useful to use it during the summer holidays. Sesame oil in hair care resuscitates damaged, dry, weakened and brittle hair, returns elasticity, strength and a healthy shine to them. Skin problems such as dandruff, sesame oil will also solve. For thin, oily and dull hair, it is also suitable as a preventative care, because sesame oil can affect the secretion of the sebaceous glands, resulting in the elimination of excessive oily hair.

TRICHUP ® also contains coconut oil. It has many useful properties:

Moisturizing - like any other oil, this product perfectly moisturizes dry hair, making them more docile and healthy looking.

Nutrition - natural oil has in its composition a large number of useful substances, mainly omega fatty acids and various vitamins that will nourish your hair style with components necessary for health and growth.

Antiseptic and antibacterial properties - helps to cope with dandruff, seborrhea, irritation and other common health problems of the scalp.

Hair protection - it envelops each hair protecting it from sunlight and sea water, which is very important in the summer.

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